Palabras perennes de emociones pasajeras

Lucía Sandí

Some call it moments of ordinary life. I find them extraordinary.

A few short stories, written while listening to Art in Sound, a playlist made by Anita on Spotify and Cozy at Home, made for me, by me. Some call it moments of ordinary life. I find them extraordinary.... Continue Reading →


Tattoos on a worn out, full of life skin.

My first tattoo was an act of rebellion by two teenagers trying to live life by the fullest. By then I thought tattoos needed meaning to look better on you. Now I realize we only need to love how they... Continue Reading →

A grieving letter.

I wonder if you're sorry, for not being able to completely love me. I wonder if you wish you could, if you wish you were ready for it, capable of it, brave enough. Or if maybe, you actually think, nah,... Continue Reading →

Small pleasures

A couple of years ago a wise person put in my hands a set of cards. Each card had printed pictures in them, and each picture hold some of the most precious little moments in life that makes us happy.... Continue Reading →

This is how it feels. A weird poem.

How it feels. Like the ocean, as big. 1000 feet deep. Darker shadows. As unknown. The universe and its 1000 other galaxies. Is there life in other planets? As uncertain. The weather The weather in a tropical mode Rain  ... Continue Reading →

Somewhere over the rainbow.

I used to miss him when it rained. It reminded me of the dark green mountains in that green beautiful country I love, without any kind of trees and its misty tops. And those mountains reminded me of him, and... Continue Reading →

A letter to the next one

To the next person I decide to love. Just know that loving each other will be a decision. Because we both want to and because we really believe we are going to make the best of it. Not because we... Continue Reading →

About time.

Inspired on a spanish original: Do you ever get those days when something feels weird and you don't know what it is or why is it feeling that way? Some kind of existential crisis that basically consists on you... Continue Reading →

Dormir está sobrevalorado.

Dormir está sobrevalorado, hablemos hasta la madrugada. Hazme reír poniéndote serio, ponte serio con mi risa, Acúsala de inapropiada. O simplemente ponte, conmigo.   ~~Incluso en la distancia.                        ... Continue Reading →

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